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The ethos

The Ethos started as an anti-cafe and grew into a creative community space. As we’ve grown, we’ve learned, and so the anti-cafe portion of our business (and the corresponding name, TickTock Pueblo) no longer fits with what we want to do.

Our love for the Pueblo community has grown so much since we first opened our doors in August of 2018.  We want to make things. We want to make space for OTHER people to make things. We want to build on that strong feeling of community that we all fostered together at TickTock.


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Our creed

‘Ethos’ means the spirit of a community or era, and we’ve had just about enough of other people telling us what Pueblo is. The time to let others define us has passed. It’s time to get to work to make and define the community we want. 

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The Ethos is located at 615 E Mesa Avenue in Pueblo, Colorado. We’re currently open Wednesdays through Saturdays from 4:30-11:30pm.

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