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Looking for a fun night out without alcohol? Maybe you’re trying to cut back on your drinking, training for a major athletic feat, or perhaps you just don’t enjoy the effects of alcohol. Whatever your reasons may be, our sober bar is here for you to relax and have a great night out.

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Make Bad art!!

Are you an artist? Sure you are! Fish swim, birds fly, and humans sing, dance, & create. It’s just what people do! You don’t have to meet some arbitrary standard of ‘good’ to be an artist. But if you want to learn a particular skill, our classes are here to help you out.

Or if you’re an instructor- drop us a line with some details about a cool class you’d like to run. We are always excited to work with folks to share their talents with others.

Creative Man Carving Wood

Renting Creative Space


Are you in need of a dedicated space to create and make all your wildest dreams a reality? Look no further than the workshops at The Ethos. Our low-cost monthly membership provides artists and makers with the perfect opportunity to expand beyond their kitchen table.

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Space rentals

Whether you’re looking to host a social club, a birthday party, or a concert, we have a space that will suit your needs. But we don’t just stop at the space – we also have partnerships with a variety of vendors that can help make your event be a true success. From caterers to security to entertainment, we’ve got great recommendations for you.


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The Ethos is located at 615 E Mesa Avenue in Pueblo, Colorado. We’re currently open Wednesdays through Saturdays from 4:30-11:30pm.

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